(ii)  Mary Trump, who is a psychologist,
also warned to Americans that:

 The president's own father made him
: “ ‘a high-functioning
sociopath’ a condition that can include
abusiveness, ease with deceit and
indifference to right and wrong. …”

 He followed ‘the rules in the House’ at least
for boys:
[to] “be tough at all costs, lying
is okay, admitting you were wrong or
apologizing is weakness

 “Deep down he ‘knows he has never
been loved’ and
his reelection ‘would be
the end of American democracy
.’ ”

m.)  (  These are just some starting
examples, we cannot mention everything
in one chapter
!  )

* * *

More detailed and specific good news to
come for: Democracy, Truth and Justice –
by more public disclosures to unmask the
true face and extremely flawed character
of the current: worst president in U.S.

* * *
Attacks, lies and slanders against
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

After failing to bribe and push the
President of Ukraine to prosecute Joe Biden's
the U.S. Republican president is
almost everyday: personally attacking and
slandering Joe Biden

And almost immediately after the
announcement of Kamala Harris for U.S.
Vice President…

The current Republican administration;

And those who are against and hate:

 All-inclusiveness—based on empathy,
goodwill and right human relationships,

 Accountability, responsibility and morality,

 Non-whites in leadership roles,

Began to: personally attack, belittle,
slander, spread misinformation and even
use foul language against Kamala Harris