((C))  He Does Not Really Care About
Working-Class Americans and MAGA

***a.)  On August 8ththe president openly
said that if he is re-elected, he will
cut payroll taxes that fund
Social Security and Medicare
he will de-fund (effectively eliminate)

both Social Security and Medicare!

***b.)  And according to his 2021 budget
if he gets re-elected
his administration plans to cut
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
(SNAP, aka Food Stamps) by more
than $180 billion (or nearly 30%) over the
next ten years

“Unemployed workers, elderly individuals, people
with disabilities, and low-income working families
with children would bear the brunt of the cuts.”

c.)  He presents himself as a protector
(or champion) of workers and jobs—yet he
has a track record of NOT paying people who
worked for him
(going back to the 1980s)…

Particularly those who are financially
—like small businesses & individuals.

Including: bartenders, carpenters,
dishwashers, lawyers, painters, plumbers and
d.)  He says he wants undocumented
immigrants out of the country
but in his
business life
he had no problem hiring
undocumented immigrant workers at his
various clubs
—then quietly got rid of them
after becoming president.
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***e.)  This year on August 20thSteve
Bannon, one of the president's closest
, former chief strategist and
campaign manager,

 Inventor of the campaign slogan,
'make America great again' (MAGA),

Was arrested for defrauding
hundreds of thousands of people
especially gullible MAGA supporters)
through a scam border wall fundraiser

Many of these loyal MAGA followers:
“ 'did not have a lot of money and were
skeptical of online fund-raising campaigns,'
but they were 'giving what they could'
because they trusted his promises.”

In 2019—Bannon and his co-scammer
even openly joked and laughed about how
"took all that money from Build The Wall"
– during a video broadcast fund

(iv)  And the company they hired to build
a few miles of fencing claimed it 'will stand for
150 years'
– but a new engineering report
warns it is in danger of collapsing within
months – due to erosion
(Above): June 24, 2019: Steve Bannon pats Brian Kolfage's
shoulder while joking about how he
"took all that money from
Build The Wall."