(ii)  He is still trying to get federal charges
against a former adviser,
Michael Flynn.

Last year, he pardoned armed services
members accused and/or convicted of war
crimes—in defiance of rulings by U.S.
military leaders.

***k.)  Despite U.S. and Turkish intelligence
and a United Nations investigation
concluded that the Saudi crown prince
ordered the 2018 brutal torture and
dismemberment of a dissident journalist for
the Washington Post,
Jamal Khashoggi

The sitting president still decided to
sell nearly $8 billion worth of U.S.
military weaponry
to Saudi Arabia
one of the world's worst human rights
violating, apartheid regimes

And very recently, an investigative
Bob Woodward disclosed that,
the president even bragged about
how was able to:
stop Congress from
sanctioning Saudi Arabia
and rescue the
Saudi crown prince from greater
scrutiny over the assassination of
((B))  He Is Always Looking For Overt,
& Wicked Ways To:

a.)  Retaliate Against Those Who:

 Disagree with him.

 Do not support him.

 Did not vote for him.

 Honestly expressed and revealed
their own perspective.

b.)  Harm And Destroy His Perceived
Especially Democrats,
Including People Just For Living In
Democrat: Cities and States…

c.)  In early Aprilhis administration
willfully and cruelly
: neglected to
implement a nationwide coronavirus
that would have for example:
coordinated the distribution of needed
supplies and test kits between states (and)
established a widespread contact tracing
but none of this was done…

Because according to a member of
a pandemic response unit
(led by the
president's son-in-law
): “The virus had hit
blue states hardest, [so] a national plan
was unnecessary and would not make
sense politically.”