c.)  He Already Used Dozens of Executive
Orders and Powers—
Without: Permission,
Even Discussion With Congress.

And if he stays in office for another four
he will use hundreds of executive
orders and powers—without any respect
to lawmakers

(ii)  As one righteous Republican senator,
Ben Sasse recently reminded to everyone
“America doesn’t have kings !”

When in August—the sitting president,
without the permission of Congress
tried to unilaterally rewrite payroll tax
(through four executive orders), which he
deceptively call
ed a ‘payroll holiday’but it
would have in effect
: de-funded Social
Security and Medicare

d.)  In 2018, his administration unilaterally
pulled the U.S. out of United Nations
Human Rights Council

e.)  In 2019, his administration formally
withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate
Change Agreement
– despite nearly 200
nations pledged to work together to cut
greenhouse gas emissions for humanity's
future survival and well-being
11.)  Believe It or Not, Know It or Not:

The Current Republican Leadership Is
Both Covertly and Overtly): Moving The
United States

(i)  Dictatorship, Fascism & Communism !!!

(ii)  Or Lawless, Reckless & Ruthless:
Iron-Fisted Rule

…Which We Can Clearly See And Know
From: His Past And Present Actions And
(As Follows):

A))  He Repeatedly Acts Above The Law:

a.)  While the sitting president one-
sidedly condemns and smears ""Justice
Demanding American Protesters"
" as:
'anarchists', 'agitators', 'rioters' and 'terrorists.'

(i)  And lies about ""Democrats and the
wanting a 'war on cops' and siding
'with lawbreakers and with criminals

b.)  He Himself Recklessly And Repeatedly:

 Breaks And Violates Constitutional
Laws and International Agreements.

 Ignores Supreme Court Rulings and
Legal Precedents – When They Are Not To
His Liking
(Or Agenda)!
(Above): Berlin Wall in the 1980s.
(Bottom): USA-Mexico border wall in 2018.