Constitutional Law And Democracy
For America

Not: fascism, dictatorship, tyranny,
communism or
fake (corrupted &

* * *

America Became A Great Nation By
Complying With Her God-Given:
Constitution and Full Bill of Rights

a.)  By Welcoming, Helping And Sharing To
Neediest Ones, Like Immigrants From Around
The World.

Back Then, Lawmakers Overall:

 Were More Honest And Sincere;

 Conformed To Their Oaths;

 And Totally Complied With Constitutional

c.)  So America Was Correctly Expressing
As (And A Living Example) Of Her
2nd Ray
Soul Nature
—Which Led To Her Being
Admired And Adored By Many Nations Around
The World
9.)  Without The U.S. Constitution And Bill
Of Rights
— Justice And Democracy In
America Would Fail…

In Turn, There Would Be No Freedom,
No Harmony and No Prosperity & Abundance
For All…

Only The Top 1% (Of Evil Elites) Would
Enjoy Freedom And Prosperity
– While The
99% (Majority Of Working-Class Peoples)
Would Be Subject To Ever Worsening:
Enslavement, Impoverishment and Injustice

Whenever Governments Or Rulers
apartheid, corrupted, cruel,
selfish and unaccountable
(to ultimately
benefit the few or elites
)—It Is Always The
People Who Suffer And End Up
As Victims!

More Than 200 Years Ago, America’s
Founding Fathers Fought And Sacrificed To
Stop The Tyrannical Policies
Of British:
King George III (The Third) And Parliament.

Now In The Year 2020Americans
Are Facing A Much Worse: Constitutional
and National Leadership Crisis
 Like the Stamp Act and Townshend Acts.
(  *  The ""U.S. Bill Of Rights"" Being The Secondary
Enforcer Of Justice And Human Rights In America;

And ""The Original U.S. Constitution"" Being The Primary
Enforcer Of Justice And Human Rights In America (
Mentioned About Human Souls Journeying On Earth For
Their Evolution Process
°°.  )

- - -

[  °°  To Become Indestructible, Non-Perishable &
Immortal ""Spiritual Souls"" (aka Buddhahood)
!  ]