Our Motive…

5.)  We do not have any: personal hatred,
or political: bias or agenda.

a.)  But we are everyday suffering
indignation (or positive anger for justice)

whenever we see in the news: preventable and
still unsolved: massive problems and suffering in
America – mostly due to the failure of the current
leadership in the White House

b.)  Even decent and righteous Americans
living by higher principles, good morals and

Dislike and disapprove how: cruel,
deceptive, divisive, revengeful and lawless this
president is.

Are similarly suffering indignation!

c.)  Indignation towards injustice and cruelty
is especially felt by Highly-evolved ones
and Divine Beings
—who already attained
higher refinement and sensitivity of their earthly
vehicles (or bodies).
b.)  Exercising Our ""First Amendment
Under The U.S. Constitution—
To Honestly And Sincerely: Express And
Speak Up For ""Whole Truth"";

Disclosing, Revealing and Unmasking
: Deceptive, Divisive, Would-Be-Dictator**
In The White House

(  **  And Soon-To-Become Fascist Dictator
Of America
—If He Is Re-Elected (Or) Refuses
To Step Down After Losing The November 2020
General Election
!  )

We Are Trying To Rescue And Save
This Great Nation Before It Falls Apart

But We Alone Cannot Rescue & Save Her!

(ii)  After Seeing And Understanding The Bigger
Picture And Problem Facing Whole Mankind
Which We Are Striving To Reveal);

American Peoples Need To Unite
(Regardless Of Skin Color Or Political
Party Affiliation
) To VOTE OUT The Current
President And Administration

Only Achievable By Americans
Overwhelmingly Voting For Democrats Joe
Biden And Kamala Harris
Lead To Winning
By An Indisputable Election Landslide
d.)  Some of our members are also bearing
Sacred Pains

All disciples (including Lord) knowingly and
willingly vowed to bear a portion of humanity's
suffering and pain (aka
Sacred Pains) so that
humanity does not suffer overwhelmingly (or
beyond their bearable tolerance)

6.)  We care about and labor for the sake of:

●  Justice For The Many (For
Restoring Balance And Harmony).

The Greater Common Good.

Unity And Solidaritybased on:
Empathy, Goodwill, Morality and Right
(aka Brotherhood &
)—regardless of political
affiliations, like Democrat or Republican

We Truly Love: America, All Peoples
In America and All Nations And Peoples
Around The World…

So We Are Doing Our Responsible Part For
The Common Good

a.)  Synthesizing True Spiritual:
Knowledge, Teachings And Experiences
(with) Worldly Happenings
*  If the Republican president and party were to demonstrate the above-mentioned
qualities—we would joyfully and willingly: welcome and sided with them.