••►  Especially For:

 Hard-Working Middle Class And Poor,

 The Sick, Disabled and Elderly.

By Providing All Essential
For Livelihood Services like

 Healthcare For All Family Members.

 Welfare Assistance To Neediest Ones
For Example Thru: Social Security, Disability
, Helping Single Mothers, and Food
Stamps (Nowadays Called:
Nutrition Assistance Program

 Useful Education For God's Plan,
Evolution, Mankind and Life

c.)  And After You Read This Open Letter:

Please Share It With Your Family,
Friends, Neighbors, Co-Workers and

And Remind Them To Vote For
Democrats Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

The Sooner The Better!
Why Americans Need To Vote For
Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Dear Brothers, Sisters,
Truth Seekers and Voters

As We Urgently Need To Rescue:

●  The United States of America from an
extremely apartheid, corrupted, cruel,
irresponsible, selfish and unfit:
and leader
who claims to be patriotic,
but is practically dividing America and
destroying hard-working American
peoples' lives

●  And Save Millions Of Struggling And
Suffering Americans
joblessness, insolvencies, evictions,
hunger, homelessness;
plus series of
ever worsening worldwide
economic, financial and climate change
) cataclysms, crises & disasters…

a.)  Let Us Honestly, Sincerely and
Wholeheartedly: Explain, Clarify and Affirm
That Voting For Democrats:

Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden;

And Running Mate For Vice President
Goodwill Senator (CA), Kamala Harris;
Posted: Sep. 29th, 2020.
b.)  IS The Absolutely Right: Decision And Choice:

►  For America's:

 Long Term Security,

 Certainty That The Daily Livelihood Needs Of All
Peoples In America Are Met

 Better Future With Lasting: Democracy, Justice,
Freedom and Peace