September 29th, 2020

Open Letter To All Americans—
Regarding The Upcoming November
2020 U.S.A. General Election

* * *
Also See: Essential Reminders & Truths –
Especially For Floridian
& Kentuckian Voters
(Oct. 26th)

* * *

Brothers and Sisters,

●  If You Really Want Democracy,
Justice, Harmony and Peace To Prevail In
The United States—
Please Vote For:

Democrat Presidential Nominee,
Joe Biden;

And Running Mate For Vice President,
Goodwill California Senator,
Kamala Harris.

* * *

 This is NOT out of: political party bias or
personally favoring Democrats

 This Is Mainly About: Steering America
Back To Right Direction (And) Our Future
Betterment—especially for the younger

USA Election P1
( *** Part One *** )

Why Americans Need To Vote For
Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Our Motive

Constitutional Law & Democracy For America

Not: fascism, dictatorship, tyranny, communism
or fake
(corrupted & distorted) socialism

* * *

We can see and know from the
current Republican president's
past and
present actions and deeds

(A)  He Repeatedly Acts Above The Law

(B)  He Is Extremely: Divisive, Hateful,
Revengeful and Intoxicated By Power

(C)  He Does Not Really Care About
Class Americans and MAGA

* * *
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artists and providers of the images found in this chapter.