38.)  Agni Yoga, Supermundane (1938), 251:

Many things happen in unpredictable
places, and if you were to record the
whereabouts of earthquakes, floods,
epidemics, unusual atmospheric events,
and unexplained tensions, you would
have a book about the sickness of the

39.)  Agni Yoga, New Era Community (1926), 49:

“The more anyone renounces,
the more he receives.

“But nations have forgotten how to
renounce; even the smallest thinks only
how to receive
. Meanwhile, the planet is ill
and all is sinking in this sickness. …

40.)  Agni Yoga, Infinity I (1930), 20:

When the spirit is seduced by Maya
[materialism] and by the manifestations of
self-satisfaction, then a hammer and the
development of straight-knowledge*
are required.

“When the spirit is dazzled by[:] the
glamor of wealth, without realizing its
and considering that a bar of
gold leads to happiness,
then let us recall all
the menaces of sickness and disaster
41.)  Agni Yoga, Heart (1932), 438:

It should not be forgotten that
diseases evolve together with races and
. But our recorded science is still so
young that one cannot talk about comparative
methods for it. It is acquainted with only a few
centuries, but what of the tens of millenniums?
We have become very conceited and
have forgotten about all that we do not
know. But the heart knows the dates, and
even an ignorant heart quivers with the
approach of the Fiery World

42.)  Signs Of Agni Yoga (1929), 492:

“Agni Yoga approaches just in time. […]
It is not leprosy, or the old forms of plague or
cholera that must be dreaded; for them,
preventive measures already exist.

But one must ponder over the new enemies
that are created by the conditions of
contemporary life. One cannot apply old
treatments to them

“A new approach will be found through
the expansion of consciousness

♦ ♦ ♦
*  Straight knowledge means the highest infallible
Knowledge of the Spirit – only achieved at Fourth Initiation.