E.  References To Ponder:

Agni Yoga, Heart (1932), 302:

“It is instructive to compile a book about
the harm resulting from bad thoughts;
for oneself, as well as others. These
thoughts are the source of many

Formerly, only psychic illnesses were
connected with evil thoughts, but it is time to
the multitude of the most varied
physical illnesses that are born of thought

Not only diseases of the heart, but most of
the stomach and skin diseases
are the
consequences of destructive thoughts
infectious diseases can be
transmitted, not only by predisposition
but through thinking as well

Agni Yoga, Hierarchy (1931), 172:

.. Often, because of ignorance or self-
justification, people think that their thought is
insignificant and can reach nowhere, whereas
the potentiality of thought is great, and for
thought there exists neither space nor time.

“But those who think chaotically are,
like those who wave their hands in the
dark, unaware of the object they hit
Moreover, thought accumulates in space.
One can conceive of a mighty choir of
harmonious thoughts, but one can also
imagine a flock of chattering black jackdaws.
Such congregations also fill space and disturb
the higher worlds.
Dear thinkers, jackdaws,
you are also responsible for the quality of
your thoughts. Thus, even you create
your future

Agni Yoga, Hierarchy (1931), 173:

“Therefore there is no way by which one
can escape responsibility
. Even the
smallest thought enters into the megaphone of
space and attracts to itself the same kind of
locust, causing the smoky atmosphere of the

“Thought can purify by destroying the
microbes of disintegration, but it can
likewise attract unbridled elements
. Not
without reason do the dark ones use especially
underdeveloped people for certain
machinations. …