VI:►  Plus In One's Daily: Thoughts,
Speeches and Actions

31.)  After Studied, Understood and
Remembering Lord Maitreya's True Teachings;

32.)  Conforming, Complying and
Practising Lord's True Teachings —
Throughout One's Entire Life

33.)  Only Then Will One Achieve
The Most Essentially Required

Higher Tension (Or Vibration)
In One's Heart

Lead To Attaining:
"""Fiery Heart"""
and """Salvation""" !!!

34.)  Also By Having The Best, Highest,
""Fiery Karma""
— Through Persistent
Selfless: Striving, Sharing, Serving and
Sacrificing For God (or Good For All);

…Enable To Clear One's Own
Accumulated Mountain/s Of
Heavy Bad Karma !
(    Importance Of Fiery Heart:

I)  Only ""Fiery Heart"" With Subtlest
Heart Energy
(aka Buddhi Energy, or Solar
Can Enable To Protect One From:

i)  All Kinds Of Deadly Microbes (Including
Coronavirus and Other Viruses).

ii)  Dark Ones' Attacks.

iii)  Series Of Worldwide End Times:


 Calamities, Catastrophes and Cataclysms,

 Devastating Disasters and Destructions!

II)  In Shorter Words, Only By:

Using One's Selfless Heart;

And Achievement Of ""Inner Higher
Tension"" and ""Fiery Heart""

…Will One's Immunity, Defense
Mechanism and Protective Aura – Become
Strong Enough To Protect Oneself
Become Invulnerable To): Both Deadly
Microbes and Dark Ones' Mental Blows
!!!  )