14.)  LMW: Especially Now—Mankind
Needs A True World Leader And Teacher

a.)  Like """Lord Maitreya""";

So We Are Waiting For
Day Of Declaration""".

* * *

-•-  Mankind's Spiritual Crisis and
Final Crossroad Opportunity

15.  Also, now at the ""Final Great Completion
and Separation (or End Cycle / Time)"" of our
present: mostly selfish lower mind focused
""Fifth Race"";

Three fourths (or 75%) of the
world's human population

Are spiritually failed, left-behind, and
unfit for further and higher Sixth Race

Are bearing mountain/s of heavy
(or serious sins):

***(i)  Accumulated throughout many
past lifetimes and this present life—
constant taking (
without giving back) and
repeatedly committed serious sins
***(ii)  Even more importantlybecause they
repeatedly failed to meet God's Intent,
Plans and Requirements – for more than
19.5 million years of evolution on Earth

(  Notes: 18.5 million years of human evolution
(mentioned in esoteric teachings) covers up to:
before the fifth race.  Our fifth race evolution
began approximately 1 million years ago, so
why we say 19.5 million years…

Also, one million years of fifth race evolution –
matches to Master Koot Hoomi's warning that:
those who failed to timely achieve Buddhi
[or Sixth Higher Principle, or Spiritual Soul /
Christ: Consciousness, or Fiery Heart]
have to wait at minimum: one million years
in a lower world…

LMW: To correspondingly payback (no more,
no less) for their spiritual failure and serious

Only those who qualify afterwards, will allow to
continue higher evolution again –
but they will
have to restart from the beginning of another
new world cycle
– to achieve Sixth Race
!!!  )