c.)  Flawed coronavirus test kits used in China
and by the globally respected
CDC – due to
showing false negatives –also resulted in many
coronavirus-infected carriers returning to their
homes and communities—in many cities and
states, including California

d.)  Another problem is: the body temperature
scanners (or
thermal scanner guns) do not
accurately detect coronavirus infections.

[  Our recommendation and advice is to:

Make one month (or 30 days) the minimum
mandatory quarantine time for suspected
covid-19 infection cases.

As that amount of time is very sure to detect
and diagnose for actual and unrelated to:
coronavirus infections
.  ]

e.)  There is also the very serious danger and
complication of cross-contamination (or mixing
of virulent microbes)—if patients are not
accurately diagnosed and quarantined
separately according to their illness:

 Real and confirmed coronavirus cases.

 Seasonal influenzas.

 Bacterial pneumonia.
-•-  Crisis Of Worldly Leadership

11.)  After national leaders, lawmakers,
politicians, professionals and
WHO chief and
officials – mistakenly and unwisely:

(Put): economic concerns and making
money – above precious human lives,

(Failed to): disclose and reveal the actual
danger and seriousness of the coronavirus
much earlier – so that informed
peoples can vigilantly prepare,

Now this extremely dangerous virus outbreak
is quickly and unstoppably spreading to many
nations throughout the world

This is obviously showing that
a true leader

♦  With honesty and sincerity,

♦  Who is accountable and responsible for

the peoples' well-being and livelihood—
is very rare.

So Why Lord Said That,
corrupted, dishonest, imperfect, mortal,
more or less selfish: mind users and national
leaders – are unfit to rule mankind.