b.)  And epidemic causing microbes (like the
Wuhan 2019-nCoV coronavirus) are mostly
created by Mankind's: destructive, evil,
irresponsible and malicious ""

c.)  And As Subtle Cause/s Can Only Be
Solved With Subtle Measures…

So ThenHow To Control, Contain,
Constrain and Quarantine: Invisible,
Invincible & Intangible Viruses ???

***(I)  Can Only Eradicate And Solve—
By Mankind Collectively Holding
""Goal-Fitting Thoughts
Beautiful, Constructive and
Conformity With God's Will and Plans

For The All Good: Thoughts
)"" !!!

(II)  Not By Physical Measures Only…

(  Note: Even the most advanced, destructive
and deadly: man
-made weapons cannot catch
and cannot kill these invisible and invincible
tiny mo

So what good is spending trillions of dollars to
make ever deadlier arms and weapons ?  
• • •

Other Causes Of Coronavirus
Infection Outbreak

-•-  Flawed Theories & Detection Methods

10.)  Worldly problems and mistakes
also causing / contributing to authorities':
failures to contain and minimize the continuous
and daily increasing numbers of covid-19
infected cases and deaths:

a.)  Most recently (mid-February)—Chinese
health experts and medical authorities found
out and
now doubt the theory that: only two
weeks (or 14 days) are needed to quarantine
suspected coronavirus infected patients.

b.)  Because many
actually infected patients –
who did not show obvious signs and symptoms
of infection during two weeks of quarantine –
but did later – were mistakenly released (as
asymptomatic carriers, becoming like disease-
spreading ‘time bombs’).