B.  Causes Of Coronavirus and Other
Deadly & Harmful Microbes

• • •

Esoteric (Hiding) Causes:

5.)  Deadly, destructive and harmful
microbes are
mainly caused by:

a.)  Mankind's ignorance of higher
Spiritual / Divine Laws
—like the All-
Governing and Inescapable: ""Great Law of
Karma""; and the ""Law of Free Will"".

b.)  Mankind's irresponsible and wrong
use of
free will.

***c.)  Mankind's collectively holding:
destructive, malicious, negative and
selfish thoughts
d.)  Mankind's collective and extreme:


 apartheid (or separativeness).

 beastly nature and actions*.

 black magic / witchcraft practices.



 evil-doings and wickedness.


 misuse of speech (like slandering,
lying, cursing and foul languages

 ungratefulness, (etc..)

(    Cases of extreme cruelty:
I.  In the killing animals for consumption –
especially in China and other Asian nations.

II.  Without discernment and certainty of
committed terrorism—

 Using excessive force against ethnic minorities.

 Uniformly arresting, suppressing & separating
families—causing enormous suffering and pain to
minorities –
happening especially and recently in
China, Burma (aka Myanmar) and Israel.
*  See note on next page.