A.  Coronavirus Infection:
Difficulties and Problems

1.)  As the Coronavirus (aka Covid-19)
Infection Outbreak spreading out from China
is new and first time appearing in memorial
mankind history—

a.)  So there is not enough knowledge and
experience; and cannot yet confirm its
causes and modes of infection;

b.)  In turn—cannot contain, control and
constrain it; and unable to stop or cure it

This Extremely Contagious Coronavirus:

a.)  Is quickly spreading like a wildfire
feeding with strong winds

b.)  Multiplies itself in an extraordinarily
short time.

c.)  Can mutate (happened already—
enabling it to resist various treatments).

d.)  Can transmit from human-to-human.
(  Notes: (I)  Some speculate that:

(i)  This virus was accidentally or
intentionally: escaped from one of the major
biological virus research laboratories in
Wuhan, China.

(ii)  And/or was transmitted from animals
like bats and snakes)* – to humans.

II)  Although the exact
mode (or mechanism
) of infection and
transmission is not confirmed yet (
needs series of proofs); human-to-human
transmission IS confirmed
, based on
many cases around the world.

III)  Most health officials and medical
explanations and remarks are
based on: speculation,
and sometimes, professional past
they are not based on
practical, solid, true and undeniable:
confirmed proof
(applicable to most
confirmed covid-19 infected patients

Because this is a totally new virus, they
do not have the knowledge, experience or
solution—which is very obviously indicating
by them: continually changing their
speculations and theories as they later turn
out untrue.
Public domain images used.
 Including from the World Health Organization (WHO) chief.
*  Just today, scientists said, coronavirus outbreak did not originate
from Wuhan
's seafood market [which also sold exotic animal meats] !