Esoteric Significance Of
""Battle for the Soul of the Nation""

President-Elect Joe Biden's Campaign Phrase:
""Battle for the Soul of the Nation"" Is Indeed
Correct And Happening At This Time…

Let Us Also Add ""HOW This Battle For
America's 2nd Ray Soul Can Be Won""…

I.  By EverydayKnowingly, Willingly
And Joyfully ""Expressing Only As Our
Selfless Spiritual Soul Nature""

II.  Through: Giving, Helping And Sharing
Out Of Empathy, Goodwill and Gratitude To
As ""One Big Human Family"";

III.  Through: Striving For Common Good and
Right Relationships
(Not Only For Americans,
But Also Whole Mankind).

Which Is What God Assigned To:
Great Nation, United States Of America and
All American Peoples
To Carry Out

By Doing SoAmerica Can Lead The Whole
Through Her Higher Soul Ray Inspired:
Living Example And Testimony
…So how can peoples (whose minds are
constantly fed with:
false and wrong ideas,
misinformation and misguidance
by dark
) make it now at End Times ???

So people need to totally stop thinking
about these
doomed-to-fail suggestions:
"to think and care about what their next:
no longer practical or s
materialistic dream will be"

Dreams are NOT real!  

Dreams can suddenly disappear forever

Followed by pain, misery and suffering—
caused by attachment to p
erishable things
and unexpected loss!

Also, whoever is still chasing after outer
world dreams
will miss their rarest
opportunity (at the end of a world cycle)
to escape from
Samsara: the endless vicious
cycle of: birth, aging, sickness, death and
rebirth—over and over again,
for million/s of
years in a lower world
(not on Earth anymore—
because Earth is evolving into a higher planet)
35.)  As the ruling class of earth mankind (aka
masters of money, materialism, commercialization
and capitalism
) have more or less succeeded at:
deceiving and misguiding working-class
peoples into wrongly and mistakenly:
chasing outer physical world
(fleeting and
perishable materialistic)

Now at the great completion of our fifth
race evolution and final separation
(of fit and
three-fourths of mankind are affirmed
and cannot continue onto the next stage of
Higher Evolution…

Because of their mistaken and wrong choice
: live only for pursuing outer world
materialistic dreams
so they forgot and
failed to seek and living in their ""Real
Inner Spiritual: Life And World""

c.)  Now deceptive evil wicked ones—
through their servants in the news media
again repeating and suggesting
: that people
should pursue another "American dream"

in other words, that people should:

 Go back to: living in another soap bubble,

 Not pay any attention to: the fact that the whole
world is facing multiple, simultaneous, ever more
frequent and worsening: chaos, crises and