He is actually worse than many of those from
the moon chain—so it is justifiable and he
qualified to go down to the worst and lowest
""eighth sphere"" (aka ""the abyss"").

(ii)  For the first time in Earth mankind's

entire history—many have achieved: lower
manas (or intellect)
resulting in them now:
beginning to fight for selfish and lower
purpose: beliefs, ideas and ideologies.  

By aspiring, inspiring and re-directing
their: focus and energy upon Higher
Selfless Principles and True Teachings

 Hopefully they will respond and change

 So they can rescue and save themselves
from all dire, dangerous and deadly: End
Times calamities, chaos and destructions

(iv)  “Intellect is not wisdom. Straight-knowledge is
Intellect is reason. Wisdom makes
decisions that long ago had already germinated.
Intellect is at the threshold of wisdom, and when
sharpened it moves into the realm of synthesis.
Reason and a mind trained to one specialty are only
corners of the future house.

“Those with narrowly specialized minds can pave
for themselves a brilliant future, but they must
continue to incarnate until their minds lose their
narrow specialization. Only when the intellect loses
this can it become wise
. Each specialty is meant for
conditions of life on Earth, whereas the synthesis of
spirit opens all spheres. …
*  Agni Yoga, Signs of Agni Yoga (1929), 508.)
***31.)  So Why Lord Said,
A Pure Fiery Heart Is The Only Judge!

LMW: While earthly judges (with
un-awakened hearts) cannot really judge

a.)  They cannot read the hearts (or true
motives) of accused and arraigned criminals.

b.)  They can only relatively know based on
worldly: evidences and facts.

c.)  They themselves are not immune to worldly
temptations and corruption.

* * *

33.)  Brief Comparison Of
""Levels Of Consciousness"":

( A )  Animal instinct is the lowest—this is the
urge to self-preservation and reproduction.

( B )  Human instinct is connected with lower
(or lower manas)—also called: intellect,

 or intelligence used selfishly,

 or selfish mind-user,

 or illusion of 'I'-ness and 'mine'-ness
( or "this is mine and that is yours" ),

 or still expressing as the un-evolved: selfish,
proud and lower desires focusing
(i)  We have a living example of a lower manas
, personality expression at its worst
and lowest form:
the recently voted out,
amoral, arrogant, cruel, cunning,
deceitful, divisive, revengeful, selfish, shameless,
unaccountable, unrepentant, willfully ignorant and
one-term Republican president.

 Most recently, after both parties tried very hard to
reach an agreement—and passed a $900 billion
stimulus package—he evilly and wickedly tried to
block it, while pretending to demand $2,000 checks,
knowing that Republicans would not accept that—
his main motive being that: he does not want to
rescue millions of struggling and suffering
Americans facing imminent evictions and hardships
across the nation.

 Despite he already indirectly killed over 338,263
by grossly: ignoring and neglecting the
coronavirus pandemic—he is still playing with
peoples' lives (and) trying to cause more deaths by
mass: starvation and suicides.

 Had this stimulus package been blocked—14
million Americans would lose their $300 per week
jobless benefits—and nearly 100 million Americans
would lose a meager, one-time $600 stimulus
check—which would have led to more hungry and
homeless Americans looking for food banks and

 Therefore immediate and appropriate justice
must be done
by both Divine Intervention and
justice-loving and patriotic Americans
– for his
unbelievable, unimaginable and unfathomable:
extreme cruelty, inhumanity and wickedness
resulting in mass murder.