“But Spirituality is needed. This quality comes
the moment the spirit is ready
. Naught can
hasten the affirmation of the path. Even calling to
people is useless. Therefore, seek not for followers.

“But attentively welcome those who knock. It
is shameful to miss in sleep the knocking of even
one heart. Better to meet with failure than to ignore
the winged desire.

* * *

30.)  LMW: In Spirituality, one's worldly
status does not matter
the main
important measurement is
point of
(or level of developed
therefore there is no real
difference (spiritually) between

 beggars (and) billionaires.

 evicted tenants (and) landlords.

 homeless ones (and) real estate

(  Note: All that counts now is surviving the End
and enabling oneself to continue evolving
further and higher – (through) daily complying and
applying True Lord Teachings (and) selfless service
for the Common Good.  )
 prostitutes (and) presidents.

 sinners (and) saints.

(  Notes: A truly repentant sinner who daily practices
holding ""goal-fitting (compatible with God's Plan)
thoughts"" – can clear and erase much of his sins
(or heavy karma).

But a saint (or monk, or other holy figure—in title only)
who holds evil, lustful and malicious thoughtsis
committing and accumulating sin

So one of the key requirements for higher
point of evolution is consistent and persistent:
For Common Good And Selfless ""Motive
And Thought""
.  )
- - -

 thieves (and) law enforcement officials.

(  Notes: When a thief has to steal in order to feed his
starving family and kids – it is sinless (no sin is
attached to that unselfish act).  

But a corrupted policeman who: abuses his power,
extorts and takes bribes – becomes a serious sinner. )
- - -

 ugly (and) good-looking.

 unknown (and) famous.

 young (and) old.
 illiterate laymen (and) Ph.D. degree

(   Notes: A spiritually Awakened layman (with Buddhic /
Christ Consciousness
Wisdom) is much higher than a
lower mind depending, narrow-specialist—intellect
indeed their difference is so great, it is like comparing
Heaven and hell.

i)  From Agni Yoga, Illumination (1925); I, VII, 4:

“The follower of wisdom likes to look far ahead.
Stay the vile slanders by a smile bereft of irritation.
success of light-minded people is like the trickle of a
small fountain,
but a wise householder will labor
to bring the water from the ocean and will then
enjoy the eternal coolness of his fountain

)    Lord revealed and affirmed that, all those who are
attached to their earthly higher education (or narrow
are unfit to continue evolving with the
coming new higher Sixth Race
[of Selfless Heart Users]
and are among the three-fourths [ of left-behind
failures of evolution now at End Times – who have to die,
depart and continuously suffer in hellish lower worlds—
until: they wake up, realize, recognize, repent and
totally: change, correct and conform to God Laws,
revealed by True Lord Teachings
and achieve Buddhic
/ Christ Consciousness—only then can they liberate
themselves forever from endless vicious
Samsara! ]   )
- - -

 physically: weak (and) strong.

 poor (and) rich.
 See: Agni Yoga, Signs of Agni Yoga (1929), 508.