a.)  Then Complying And Conforming
With Their
True & Useful Advice;

And ""Strive, Strive, Strive"";

…In Order To Rescue And Save
Yourself And Your Loved Ones

And Nearest Ones !

* * *

""Important Reminders From Lord""

13.)  As the Holy Bible warned there will be
many false prophets, false leaders,
false teachers
, [including false: experts,
researchers and scientists]
who will lead
the people astray

LMW: false leaders like D. Trump; false
medical experts on infectious diseases, like
S. Atlas; and false attorneys like R. Giuliani.

From Agni Yoga, The Call (1924), 305:

They will ask you, "Where are your proofs?
Many there be of false prophets."

Answer, "We judge them only by their
deeds, and measure only by results."

A false prophet leads to a lie, and a lie is
consummated in evil. And then you will perceive
the trail of the dragon.
Therefore, do
We consider only deeds.
15.)  From Agni Yoga, Illumination (1925); I, V, 8:

.. Observe the downfall of the world of
Lie, lie, lie—perish!”

16.)  From Agni Yoga, Illumination (1925);
II, VII, 4. (Cryptogram about Christ

A member of the Sanhedrim asked Christ,
“[Would ye] come to us if we should call [you]?”  

Christ answered: “Better had I go to the
cemetery, for there is no lie.”

From Agni Yoga, Heart (1932), 23:

Those who deny the Teaching are not
far from falling into the abyss

“Those who affirm Truth, even with
imperfection, are already on the path
. …

18.)  Lord said that, when a man has no
higher principles
[received as higher
aspiration and inspiration from Higher
Beings like Lord Christ
] and no vision of
the future
—[resulting in failure: to carry out
his God-assigned tasks
] he perishes.

LMW: when the blind lead the blind
(led by false leaders who totally lack: true
knowledge about higher principles),
end up falling into the abyss