8.)  Time To Stop Dreaming (and)
Adjust To Reality…

a.)  Dreaming (or pursuing dreams) is not
real—it is wishful thinking.

b.)  Even after one achieved their outer world
dream—they can very quickly
lose it all
and even end up dying alone (by coronavirus)
without their family and friends near them

 With multiple simultaneous worldwide:
crises and disasters now confronting
it is time to STOP talking about
materialistic dreams
, like the so-called
'American Dream'

Even other countries
got caught (or lured by)
this deceptive suggestion and are calling it
their own country's Dream.

At the rate of every 25 seconds
one American dies by coronavirus
regardless if they:

 Achieved their material dreams or not,

 Are rich or poor,

 Have light or dark skin,

 Have high or low: social standing,
f.)  When One Realizes And Recognizes
That At Least Three-Fourths
(3/4, Approx.
5.85 Billion)
Of Mankind Are Affirmed:

Unfit For New Higher Evolution,

Have To Die And Depart,

From Now Onwards Until 2025…

Wish Only For: Good Health And To
Survive The Next Four Years

●  And Do Not Think Anymore About Chasing:
Material Wealth;

…Then One Will Be Most Blessed And
…So Please Wake Up To Reality And Truth
Now – As This Pandemic Crisis Is Mankind's

""Final Call From God And Lord""
To Totally Change Within Three To Four
(Or) Die !

Reality Is: Continuously Changing—
Never Constant—Never Stays The

Same Forever…

So those still chasing: soap bubble like
materialistic dreams are preparing for themselves
a shocking and senseless downfall.

Even worldly: highest achievers,
professionals, doctors and nurses are
contracting and dying by coronavirus.  

In fact, anything that promotes
selfishness (or) is otherwise unfit or
useless for New Higher Evolution will finally:
be destroyed or

Hence why we need to ""beware of""
and ""call out"" those who are still trying to
promote the pursuit of Dreams
(which are
at this point: destructive, deceptive and wicked
suggestions—because they lead to denying or
ignoring Reality—then failure to correctly change
and adjust—in turn, vulnerable to danger and
death—especially now in these Last of Days for
the selfish and unfit