h.)  Getting a clinically-tested vaccine is
better than nothing
but remember that:

IT IS NOT A CURE (or panacea, or
permanent solution, or magic silver bullet)

Vaccines: can only temporarily curb (or
slow down) the rate of Covid-19's spreading to
are now part of a covert attempt
to infect up to 70% of the population to
achieve so-called
'herd immunity' (rather
than overtly impose it—
for example, by
: ending lockdowns, reopening
(and places that attract large
crowds), and forcing students to return back to
in-person classrooms.

And as U.N. Secretary General, Antonio
recently warned, “A vaccine cannot
undo the damage that will stretch across
years, even decades to come”
which is the
result of long-term fragilities, inequalities and
injustices – that were exposed by the pandemic

Adding that, “We cannot bequeath a
broken planet and huge debts to future
. The money we spend on
recovery must go into building a greener,

fairer future.
(iii)  On Average:

Every 25 seconds: 1 American dies by

Every minute: 300 Americans contract

Every hour: over 150 Americans (over
560 in the World) dies by Covid-19.

And these numbers are based on willfully:
-counted and under-reported official
reports.  So the actual numbers will be much

Everyday in this great nationpiles of
dead bodies are being dumped like bags
of worthless dirtwithout family, friends,
funerals or ceremony
—and returned to the
earth to become dust…

So what good is it when human beings

 comfortable, complacent and selfish:
materialistic living

 indifference to: injustice and have-not

Due to totally lacking: goodwill, selfless
service and sharing to unfortunate and
neediest mankind
now they have to perish
and go down to
hellishly unjust lower worlds!
7.)  And as Lord compassionately and minimally
reminded to us
, that even ""one hour"" is not safe

LMW: Indeed we already are facing, seeing and
witnessing this happening in the United States…

Which continues to struggle with the world's WORST
""total numbers of daily""
: new confirmed infection cases,
hospitalizations and deaths.

(ii)  By December 16th—
in just 24 hours, Covid-19 related:
infection cases exceeded 250,000; hospitalizations over
113,000; and deaths set a new record at 3,700.