(v)  After the coronavirus pandemic hit
our global economic-financial system

what is passing away and never coming back?  

 An economic recovery (or a
return to ‘business as usual’ ).

 Everything related to selfish living.

 Chasing endless money profits.

 Having insatiable funs.

 Living in a comfortable, complacent and
self-centered bubble.

 Totally forgetting about:
Truth, Justice, Lord and God.

Even governments now have to
choose between saving
businesses (or) Lives.
They cannot save both.

***2.)  Believe it or not, COVID-19:

Is not an ordinary virus like
influenza, SARS or MERS.

Is actually a ""KARMIC VIRUS""
its impact and severity depends on each
individual's karma…

…And now mankind is entering the much
Worse: Second Half
(or Stage) of Karmic
Retribution (or the Great Final Tribulation) !
c.)  COVID-19 is highly intelligent ::
able to quickly mutate and spread (it can
be transmitted
just by inhaling the exhaled
breath of an infected carrier
, through airborne,
aerosol or respiratory droplets
) :: nuclear
active or solar active ::
resistant to:
high heat, physical pressure and ordinary
disinfectants and chemicals :: and can
survive long after leaving their host cells

(of humans or animals).

Most recentlynew mutant strains
discovered in the UK and South Africa,
reported to be 70% more contagious and
faster spreading
are now spreading to
Europe, USA and other countries
predicted to
double or triple the death tolls!

(i)  The latest
5th mutant strain in South Africa
501.V2 Variant) was detected in

(ii)  A
4th mutant strain in the United Kingdom
Variant of Concern 202012/01) was
discovered as early as October.

(iii)  A
3rd mutant strain of Covid-19 (called
Cluster 5) was traced to mink farms (for animal
furs) in Denmark around August to September.

(iv)  A
2nd mutant strain that caused the first
severe outbreak in Italy b
egan in March.

(v)  While the
1st Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan,
China and Germany s
tarted in late January.