MUST – READ – Esoteric / Spiritual:
""Advice And Solutions For
Peoples And Nations""

Facing Ceaseless, Endless,
Unstoppable and Unsolvable:

Crises And Disasters—Especially
In The United States Of America

* * *

Dearest Brothers And Sisters,

1.)  Remember That The Coronavirus
Pandemic Will Most Probably Continue
Until The End Of 2024…

a.)  We know from Master DK that,
catastrophic, devastating and deadly
events will continuously happening for
another four years
until we reach
, when the destructive phase stops,
and reconstructing the New World begins

b.)  LMW: Forget not that we are living in
extremely unusual times
(the End
, or the End Of Our Present Fifth
evolution cycle—and the coming of
the New Higher Sixth Race).
c.)  As Lord fore-revealed, at least
three-fourths of our present mankind
will die and perish.

LMW: So do not believe the
who keep on repeating the
falsehood that
: “now that we have this
vaccine, life will soon go back to normal

Wishful thinkers (and)
those who deny Reality and Truth
cannot save you.

Those who listen to the blind (or
those with NO vision of the future
) end up
falling down
(with them) into the abyss.

The coronavirus pandemic has in
fact, completely changed
: our whole
world, our lifestyles, our workplaces,
our approach to education, our future,
and so forth..

And our lives as we know it
will never return back to: the way it was
before the Covid-19 pandemic
Posted: Dec. 28th, 2020.
Bottom graphic from Daily Mail