b.)  Earlier this year in March, the
International Criminal Court (ICC) declared
to take legal process against U.S. forces for
war crimes and crimes against humanity
committed in Afghanistan – now
this month,
the White House administration is beginning
to target ICC investigators with sanctions.

c.)  Now as more peaceful protesters across
continue to suffer brutal and
excessive suppression by police forces
with the open backing of the White

(i)  More Americans are witnessing and
realizing: what their own government is
doing to their own people…

(ii)  Some local mayors and state governors
(mostly Democrats) are now taking
immediate actions to: fire and charge
abusive policemen.

(iii)  While the Minneapolis City Council
the city where George Floyd was killed)
pledged to disband their police department—
with citizens beginning to organize
community patrols.  
[ 26 ], [ 27 ].
-•-  Extremely Important Advice For
American Peoples And Protesters

***23.)  So Brothers And Sisters

I.  Now Is The United States' & American
""Ultimate Chance, Choice and
To Join This Biblical,
Historic & Enormous: Nationwide
Movement And Protests For All

II.  Each And Every Citizen & Resident
(Not Just Protesters) In The United
States Has A Responsibility To:

a.)  Think, Speak & Act –
For The Common Good



Play Their Responsible Part
In Making New History:

The United States Becoming A Truly:

●  All-Inclusive;


For The Greater Good Nation;

Just For All (The 99%);
(Washington D.C.): By May 29th—protesters try to enter the White
House—while the U.S. president hides in an underground bunker.

By June 7th—tens of thousands of peoples gather around the
White House to protest.
""Historic Moment & Opportunity"" To Change And
Transform ""America""
Into: A Better, Benevolent, And
Greater Good Nation—Better For All Peoples In The
United States Of America And The World !!!