12.)  Our Intention and Motive For This
ery Important Open Letter Of Elevating
Beautiful News…

***a.)  We are not personally attacking
Republicans or anyone
– out of personal
dislike or hatred.

***b.)  We are revealing and pointing out
their serious mistakes

i)  Based on truth and esoteric ancient
wisdom teachings

ii)  Out of compassion, caring, concern
and our spiritual responsibility

iii)  In the hope thatafter they:
know, realize, recognize; repent; and
correct their serious mistakes—

First): it will be beneficial to themselves;

Next): it will be beneficial for humanity and the
entire world;

In turn): it will facilitate ""present fifth race
mankind’s evolution"" towards """New Higher
Sixth Race Evolution"""
13.)  The main reason why dishonest,
deceptive, insincere and selfish ones
(not only Republicans) are against, deny,
repulse and reject
: Truth & True Teachings
is because the Truth hurts their false
sense of pride and superiority
, flawed,
and vice-ridden personality.

***a.)  As Lord Said, His Teaching is not
sugar-coated nuts.  

LMW: Meaning True Teachings are never for
appeasing, comforting and delighting:

the arrogant, ignorant and proud.

""True Teachings and Truth"" are like
""Bitter But Very Helpful
and Effective

i)  Therefore, if one is willing to swallow IT
True Teachings); (ii) IT is good for curing
their sickness of willful
: arrogance, ignorance,
lying and selfishness

14.)  """True Teachings and Truth"""
Encourages, Energizes and Enforces:
Righteous, Virtuous and Selfless People

as it allows them to naturally express their
Spiritual Soul nature and qualities (like
(i) all-inclusive compassion; (ii) goodwill;
(iii) fighting for justice; (iv) by selfless: giving,
sharing, serving and self-sacrificing for God,
Lord and humanity