""Grade F"" For Failed Evolutionary
Process: 2017–2020 Republicans

Now At The Completion Of Our
Fifth Race (Aryan) Evolution Cycle:

a.)  Amoral – apartheid – cruel – cunning –
crooked – corrupted (
both morally and
) – inhumane – extremely selfish –
unaccountable and wicked:
most, not all) and their arrogant,
deceptive & willfully ignorant President

belong to the 3/4 of spiritually failed, left-
behind and unfit for New Higher Evolution

b.)  After theyby self-inflicted:
degeneration, disintegration, dissolution
and destruction
along with deceptive,
exploitative, selfish and wicked:
commercialization and materialism

perish from our Earth forever;

c.)  As they are ceaselessly accumulating
and bearing
: mountains of bad, heaviest
and worst karmas
by repeatedly:

 violating God Laws (like the Laws of
Karma, Justice, Righteousness and
e.)  So they are definitely going down to a
hell-like lower world for at least
million years
– of ceaseless, continuous,
endless and unstoppable: agony, grief,
remorse, suffering, pains and terrors

The worst sinners among Republicans
have to correspondingly go down to the
worst and lowest sphere (esoterically
known as
the eighth sphere) with the most
samsara without forgiveness at all –
ending with the ""third death"", after cleared

all their heavy karmas!

(  Note: Near future – we will mention
detailed and specific ""pure reasons""
why and how: Republicans committed
serious failures, mistakes and sins –

lead to their bearing Heavy Karmas.  )
 violating God-given laws like the U.S.
(i) not serving for the people–as
souls journeying on Earth
; (ii) neglecting the
basic duty of government to provide all daily
necessities for peoples' livelihood.

 ignoring and neglecting the most needy
and hard-working: poor and lower middle
– while favoring big corporations, big
money (or banks) and big oil –
since president
Reagan's time until present Republican president

 failed to carrying out their nation's 2nd
Ray Higher Soul nature and tasks
; – instead:

(i)  doing things that are totally against,
contrary and opposite to:
goodwill and humaneness"

(ii)  following cruel, destructive, greedy,
selfish, taking,
anti-Christ energy (etc…);

d.)  ALL of which they must inevitably and
imminently payback
according to:

The Law Of Karma;

The Law Of Correspondence;

The Law Of Redistribution;