*  Franklin D. Roosevelt (1884-1945), former U.S.
president and 3rd-degree initiate (2.7).
USA Nation’s 2nd Ray Soul / 6th Ray
– Contrasting Through Two
Parties: Democrats and Republicans

For The First Time Since American
President FDR's
* Time

U.S. Democrat Lawmakers Are Correctly
Expressing Their Nation's God-Assigned
2nd Ray Soul Nature
—Through Compassion;
Goodwill; Giving, Helping, Rescuing, Serving
For The Many People and Uplifting Them
From Poverty and Suffering

a.)  That Will Enable The Democratic Party
In The Coming U.S. General Election –
To Achieve ""A Landslide Victory""
The Losing Republican Party Forever

b.)  And Enable The United States Of
America To Restore Her Righteous World
Status And Leadership

i)  According To What ""America's Founding
Fathers"" and """Spiritual Hierarchy"""
Assigned To Her
– In Order To Become
A Truly Great Nation And World Leader:

ii)  By Becoming A Living Example Of
All-Inclusive And Universal
Compassion, Goodwill, Justness,
Virtuousness and Selflessness
10.)  Most Republicans Are Expressing
Only As USA Nation's ""6th Ray Personality
(Lower Aspect)"
" through for example:

extreme selfishness,
lacking compassion and goodwill,
taking more than giving,

As Lord warned, those who take more
than they give—become accumulators
and bearers of Heavy Karma

LMW: When America's Deeds Are
Opposite To Her Higher Soul: Nature And

(i)  She Is
Not Entitled To Call Herself:
A Great Nation.

(ii)  But Only Deserves To Be Called:
a most evil nation!

(  With America the way it is today—those
still thoughtlessly chanting,
"USA, USA, USA!" are:

 obviously and utterly ignorant about:
Truth and Justice.

 actually harming and causing extreme
indignation to: goodwill, righteous and justice-loving:
peoples and nations around the world

 living for and by falsehood and hypocrisy.

 literally and technically sound:
senseless, silly and shameful.
(iii)  Not By: Bullying, Invading, Occupying,
Killing, Looting, Exploiting and Manipulating
Other Weaker & Poorer: Nations and Peoples

- - -

(  ** : Only then can truly: righteous, selfless and
virtuous Americans let other nations: hail and praise
USA—by saying out loud,

: But at present time—no other nation willingly
"USA, USA, USA" – because America at this
time is clearly, undeniably and irrefutably:
an evil,
selfish and wicked nation
– by her willful arrogance
and negating her God-assigned 2nd Ray Soul nature
and tasks
(through all-inclusive and universal:
compassion, goodwill, giving, helping and sharing

to neediest: peoples and nations)!  )
- - -

c.)  In Doing So, Most Goodwill Democratic
States (aka Blue States, Especially
California) And Cities – Can Escape And
Save Themselves From:
Series Of
Catastrophes, Calamities, Cataclysms and
Devastating Deadly Destructive Disasters –
At End Times Now

* * *

While Proven Goodwill Democrats –
Are Expressing More Of USA Nation's
"""2nd Ray Soul Nature (Higher Aspect)"""
 By USA Expressing As Her ""2nd Ray Higher Soul Nature"" and
Carrying Out Her ""God-Assigned Tasks For Common Good"".