What Can We Do To Make This MESA
Bill Become Law ?

5.)  So All Compassionate, Concerned,
Goodwill and Justice-Loving American
Constituents, Residents
* and Voters

***I:  Should And Must
""Fearlessly Rise Up""

(i)  And Speak UpTo Strongly Demand
For This ""MESA Bill To Become Law""

(ii)  To Meet And Strongly Demand To
Republican Lawmakers: To Agree And
Approve This Bill

***II:  At The Same Time, America Now
Needs A Most Fearless And Selfless True
Leader Like
"""Lord Maitreya"""

To Lead Them To: Fearlessly And
Furiously Demand Everything That
American Peoples Deserve And Need For
""True Justice""
***a.)  So Everyone Of Us Should:

***(1)  Pray Everyday, From Now On,
Until This ""MESA Bill Is Approved""

2)  Daily Holding This Thought,
Until This ""MESA Bill Passes"" (Including
Any New Proposals From Democrats, like
the ""Heroic Act"" – Which Are Beneficial
For Many Americans
) (!);

3)  Only Vote For: Democrat
Candidates – In Any Public Service
Positions, Including Mayors To Governors
To President – In The Coming November
2020 U.S. General Election

4)  Also Pray And Holding Thought
To Once And Forever Remove (From
Public Service Positions)
All: selfish,
cunning and wicked Republicans !

(  Except Of Course: Proven
Goodwill And Righteous Republicans Working
Together With Democrats For Americans and
Mankind Everywhere
!  )
*  Both Documented & Undocumented Residents.