3.)  So, For Trying To Uplift And Secure The
Daily Livelihoods Of All Struggling &
Suffering Peoples In America—

*** We Wholeheartedly Want To Give:
Credit, Love and Thanks To

a.)  All Accountable, Compassionate,
Goodwill, Dependable, Responsible,
Reliable and Selfless ""Democratic

b.)  Like House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi;
Minority Leader
, Chuck Schumer;
Senator Bernie Sanders
; Senator
Edward Markey and Senator Kamala

c.)  Including Those:

Advising, Proposing and Working
Behind The Scenes

Fervently Trying To Help The Middle-
Class And Poor
By Promoting Universal:
Care, Education and Housing (etc..);

Who Indirectly: Agree With and
* This Wise """MESA Bill
(As Preliminary, Primary and Temporary:
Universal Basic Income
4.)  But As Always—amoral, apartheid,
cruel, inhumane, selfish and wicked
Republicans (most of them, not all) and
present President
are against this:
""Compassionate & Goodwill New Bill""

Indeed wealthy people:

For centuries, have been deceiving,
exploiting and manipulating
: decent, hard-
working, law-abiding and regularly tax-
paying ""middle
class and poor (the 99%)"";

While they themselves avoid paying
–for example, by hiding their enormous
billions of dollars in profits – in secret
offshore bank accounts

In America, the wealthiest were
already given nearly $1.5 trillion dollars
as tax deductions in early 2018
(as a
reverse redistribution of wealth from the
poor and middleclass
to the wealthy) and
are now receiving $500 billion dollars in
corporate bailouts…

So why do they have to: cruelly
oppose and not agree to pass this
New MESA Bill for Justice ?
*  From Both Parties, Democrats and Republicans (As Non-Partisans).
(L-R) Democrat: House Speaker Pelosi, Minority Leader Schumer,
Senator Sanders, Senator Markey, Senator Harris.