III.  We also want to express our
warmest and deepest gratitude

1.)  The cardiology department team
especially and principally,
Dr. Gaurav R. Parikh
for his:

♦  Extraordinary compassion, encouragement,
honesty, humility—and healing, magnetic,
optimistic, positive and soothing:
character and qualities;

♦  Active, efficient and skillful: analysis of
patient lab tests and using least-invasive:
medical innovations and technologies;

♦  Safe, swift and successful:
heart procedure for our group member

*** Indeed, Dr. Parikh is a living model
example of conscientious, considerate
and caring 2nd Ray Love – attentively,
effectively, magnetically and selflessly:
healing and serving for the all good of

Dr. Elain Roh:

♦  For her extraordinary: compassion, humility,
loving care, patience and professional
3.)  Case Manager, Debbie:

 For humanely, fairly and justly decided to
allow our group member to continue being
monitored in hospital, until medically fit and
safe to go home

4.)  Cathy Gilbertson, RN, CCRN:

♦  One of the best and well-experienced
CCRNs at Pomona Valley Hospital's CCU.

♦  For coordinating and helping our group
member to safely, smoothly and timely
proceed with heart procedure;

♦  And for her warmest support and
professional advice

5.)  Social Worker, Meera Bagai:

♦  For helping to considerately and kindly
report to and fairly and justly pursue her boss,
case manager Debbie – not to immediately
and prematurely discharge our LMW member
from hospital – despite his medical situation
and anemia was obvious and proven still
dangerous, risky and unsecure