February 7th, 2020,

Open Letter Of Deepest Gratitude To:

♦  """Lord Maitreya""" (we also know as:
Christ, or Krishna, or Fifth Buddha, or
Twelfth Imam Mahdi, or Messiah

""Pomona Valley Hospital
Medical Center"" For Their Excellent
Service and Loving Care To All Patients,
Including Our LMW Member

* * *

I.  Firstly and always giving thanks to
Lord Maitreya—

a)  For working through:

 Pomona Valley Hospitals'
well-experienced, professional and
e: cardiology department team
and goodwill nurses.

 Just, righteous, considerate and sided-
: case manager, social worker,
doctors and nurses
b)  For helping one of our group member
to eventually

 Receive his patient rights.

 Overcome and pass through many
tiresome and dangerous crossings –
enabling him to go home in a medically fit
and safe condition.

II.  Most of the doctors, nurses and staffs
at Pomona Valley Hospital

a)  Are hard-working, caring, ethical and
responsible in carrying out their professions.

b)  Treat all patients equally without
discriminating against: color, culture,
gender, nationality, religion or status.

c)  Are mainly and effectively serving the
diverse community of poor, middle class and
neediest ones in Southern California…