How To Get A Copy Of ""Fifth Buddha
Maitreya's True Teachings In Burmese""

* * *

Dearest Brothers and Sisters:—

I.  Who Can Read In Burmese
(Whether Living In Burma Or Overse

II.  And Sincerely & Seriously Want To:

i)  Know More About; (ii) And Comply With:
"""Fifth Buddha Maitreya's True Teachings
(Printed In Burmese)""";

III. Please Call (Or Contact): U Ming Naing

At The Following Rangoon Phone Numbers:

099 – 754 – 23573
092 – 500 – 30252

IV.  To Ask For One Printed Copy (For Each
) Of The Above-Mentioned Booklet –
Totally Free Of Charge

i)  Only After Convinced Us: (That You Are)
Sincere And Serious To Know And Read…

(ii)  Local Pickup In Person Only.
We Are Not Mailing Out Copies At This Time.  

Thank You For Your Cooperation
Why Are We Now Giving Copies Of This
Booklet For Free ?

a.)  Since Issuing Our Booklet In February 2019 —
We Also Have Been Giving Out Copies (Without
Charging Fees)
To The Following People:

 Those Who Seriously Want To Know And Read –
But Having Financial Difficulties.

 Selfless and Spiritually-Focused:
Ones and Friends.

 Poor and Religious: Young Ones.

b.)  But With Burma (aka Myanmar) Now Facing
Their Own (Gradually Rising) Novel Coronavirus
Epidemic – With Total Confirmed Infection Cases
So Far Reached: 20 – On April 1st, 2020…

i)  So We Decided To Start Giving This Booklet
Free Of Charge – To Serious: Spiritual
Readers And Seekers

ii)  Because Most Peoples Are & Will Facing:


 Financial Problems,

 Deadly Final Phase Of Earth Cleansing (of all
outworn, selfish and unfit systems – like capitalism,
commercialization and materialism)
April 4th, 2020