So Despite Many CEOs Focus On Making Profits
and Large Bonuses — Yet They Are Indirectly
Contributing To Spreading Useful And Productive
Technologies (
Whether It Is In Information
Communications, Medicine,
Transportation, Manufacturing, and so on..
To Around The World — That Ultimately Benefits
And Improves The Daily Lives Of
Many Peoples;

And Despite Many Technologies Are Presently
Being Misused
: (i) For Malicious Purposes, (ii)
For Invading People’s Privacy, (iii) For Spying,
Controlling and Destroying Mankind

The Technology Itself Is Not The Problem.  

It Is Always The Motive And Intention Behind
Their Use That Is Most Important…

* * *

So Always, The More Goodwill People
(Willing And Eager To Serve For The
Common Good
) — Come To Live And Serve
In California — The Sooner, The Better
We All Wish And Praying So That:
Harry, Meghan and Son Archie – Will Joyfully,
Smoothly, Safely and Successfully: Carry Out,
Fulfill and Accomplish All Their Soul-Inspiring
Wishes, Goals and Destiny
Through The Life
Dedicated To Service
Without Dangers,
Difficulties, Hindrances and Obstacles

And Lastly, We All Wish That:
Harry, Meghan and Son Archie—Will:

1)  Make Southern California, Preferably The
Greater Los Angeles Area – Their Headquarters
For Carrying Out Their Goodwill Services And
Activities For The Common Greater Good

2)  See The Light Shining Upon Them By
Lord Maitreya, During Their Journey And
Life Of Selfless Service

With Highest Respect And

Warmest Regards,

– From Light Middle Way,

Small Spiritual Group

◊ ◊ ◊