January 26th, 2020,

Warmest Acknowledgement and
Congratulations To:

 Mr. Harry Charles,

 Mrs. Meghan Markle,

 And Son, Archie,

From Our Small Group At
Light Middle Way,
As We Wholeheartedly Welcome Brother Harry
And Sister Meghan For:

I.  Courageously Choosing
"""A Life Of Service""";

II.  After Officially Renounced Their
Worldly: Titles (Especially As Senior
Members Of The Royal Family) And Other

So We Are Positively Looking Forward To and
Optimistic That Harry And Meghan
Will Finally
Choose To Make: """California, Particularly
Southern California, As Their Primary

In Other Words, Come To Live In

Extraordinarily Beautiful And Mostly Sunny
"""Golden State""", Especially In The Greater

Los Angeles Area !

- - -
Because California Has An Abundance Of
God-Given Creative, Pure Heart Energy—

1)  Plus Los Angeles Is The """Heart Energy
Centre""" (Or Magnetised Spot or Vortex) Of
The Entire North American Continent —
Therefore Is A Most
"""Auspicious Creative
Energy Centre For Goodwill People
Carrying Out A Life Of Selfless Service"""

2)  While The
San Francisco Area Has And
Will: Focus More On International Goodwill
Conferences and Peace Initiatives.

* * *

Without (Or Lacking) This Pure Heart Energy,
No One Could Successfully Create Global-
Scale Innovations And Technologies – Like In
-Top Innovative Center, Silicon Valley.

Indeed, All New Inventions And Technologies
Like The Internet), Are Giving / Given To
Mankind – By The Spiritual Hierarchy (
known as
The Invisible, Invincible, Spiritual
World Government)—

Through Selfless Disciples Of Lord—Working
As Scientific World Servers, Such As:
Pythagoras, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin
Franklin, Nikola Tesla and Recently: Iranian
Free Energy Innovator,
Mehran Keshe;

As Only Creators With Pure Selfless Hearts
Can Receive Spiritual Hierarchy: Formulas And
Ideas—That Lead
s To Innovative Creations—
Which Ultimately Brings Benefits To Humanity
From senior members of UK royal family, now transforming
into simpler civilians
, and focusing on a life of service.