October 26th, 2020

USA Election P2

Very Important Open Letter To All:
Floridians, Americans And
Mankind Around The World

And Those Who Mistakenly
Decided To Re-Elect The Fervent Servant
Of Capitalism—
Against God's Will And
Lord Christ's (Christos) Mission…

And Those Who Are Mistakenly And
Rejecting, Refusing and Repulsing:
Coming Totally New And Different,
Authentic Universal
""Democratic Socialism""
Good For The Many (Or 99%)

Also See: USA Election P1 (Sep. 29th, 2020)

* * *

Preliminary Notes:

Brothers and Sisters,

Please do not: become complacent (or)
forget to vote – even if some news reports
are saying that Joe Biden is leading in the
polls – remember that these numbers can
be exaggerated or even unreliable

We must keep vigilant and make sure to
vote on time
(the deadline is November
3rd)!  We cannot assume a Democratic
Victory without each of us actually voting:
either) by mail-in ballots (or) in-person at
a polling station

* * *

To all: not yet decided Latino and Black
voters –
please be extremely aware and
cautious as
the current Republican
administration is trying a final deception to
lure undecided Latinos and Blacks – with
false sugar-coated promises

Don't buy it!  Don't believe it!

Make no mistake!  Stick to voting for
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

* * *