15.)  Indeed, Heavy Karma Bearing Nations
Are Now Facing, Struggling and
Suffering—By Long-Overdue Karmic

)  With This Unstoppable Coronavirus
Pandemic Outbreak Acting As The Primary
Chain Mover
(Or Domino Effect Trigger)…

i)  By Causing Drastic and Enormous
Dropping Of Incomes and Revenues To

ii)  In Turn, Economic and Financial Collapse
Of Businesses, Trade, Real Estate and
Gambling Stock Markets,

iii)  Eventually Lead To A Global Recession
and Depression

***b.)  Plus Series Of Calamities,
Catastrophes, Cataclysms and Destructive
Disasters Until The End Of 2024

(  Note: As We Had Already Reminded,
Predicted and Warned In
November 2019.  )
***c.)  And The Long-Awaiting, Historic and
Day Of Declaration – Is Most
Probably Imminent To Officially Declare
This Year

* * *

***16.)  So Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Now That You Have The Solution
To Save
Yourself And Your Loved Ones and Near Ones
Why Not Choose To Serve God ?

 Only By Selfless Service To The Highest
God – Can Save You (Salvation).

 Those Who Do Not Try, Will Surely Die.

 Even Those Who Survive This Covid-19
Pandemic – Will Have Worse To Come:
Series Of Calamities, Catastrophes And
Deadly Situations – Waiting For Them To
Overcome In The Coming Four Years – If They
Did Not Solemnly Choose & Daily Serving God

 If One Has A Truly Strong Will To Live
(For Others, Especially and Particularly
For Serving God) – There Is Always A Way
To Survive