Worst Case Scenario Of Nationwide
Coronavirus Epidemic In America –

LMW: So Peoples In America:

a.)  Should Not Underestimate The Dire
Consequences Of COVID-19
– Which Is
Already I
nfecting North America !

b.)  Need To Be Fully: Alert, Prepared
and Vigilantly Ready For The Worst
Case Scenario Of A Full Blown
Nationwide Epidemic
– Spreading Much
Faster In The Immediate Future And Coming
Weeks and Months – In The United States…

14.)  …Despite The Under-Estimating
and Under-Reporting In The U.S.
Coronavirus: Infected Americans And Death
Caused By:

Either Intentionally Or Ignorantly:

i)  From Late 2019 Until Early March—
The CDC Only Tested A Total Of
470 Cases
Limited Particularly To):

 Those Having Obvious Signs and
Symptoms Of Coronavirus Infection.
 Those Who Returned To The U.S. – From
China and Other COVID-19 Infected Places.

 Those Who Required Hospitalization Due
To Serious Respiratory Illnesses.

ii)  U.S. CDC Using Flawed Testing Kits –
That Produce False Negatives.

iii)  Insufficient and Even Lack Of:
Accurate Coronavirus Test Kits – From The
Beginning Of The Infection Outbreak.

***b.)  The Present White House
administration Trying To Cover Up And
Conceal The Stunning, Shocking and
Enormous: Actual Numbers Of Confirmed
Infected Covid-19 Cases In The U.S. –
All The Time and Daily Lying To The

i)  So This Is Actually and Obviously
A Cover Up
By: amoral, corrupted, evil,
inhumane, irresponsible and unaccountable:
officials in the U.S. Government

ii)  In other nations—many government
officials are similarly: trying to cover up and
conceal the truth about this deadly novel
epidemic – because they are more afraid of
losing their seats
(graphics from Daily Mail UK)