10.)  The executive director of WHO’s health
emergencies program, Dr. Mike Ryan
recently pointed out: there is no evidence
that the Coronavirus will disappear in the
summer like the flu does.

Followed by CDC senior official,
Nancy Messonnier warning that
, many
Americans will get exposed and infected in
the next two years.

In other words, this nationwide novel
Covid-19 outbreak will continue until year

12.)  And increasingly more numbers of
Coronavirus-related cases and deaths are
now being reported outside of China

Today, March 10th:

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel
warns that
: 58 million (or 60-70%) of
Germans are likely to get infected.

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo
is calling in the National Guard to help
contain the alarming rate of infections in the
state, especially in Westchester county

13.)  Latest Numbers Of Coronavirus
Infected Cases and Deaths (
March 10th)
Affecting More Than 109 Countries:

Globally: 116,600 cases, 4,258 dead.

China: 80,754 cases, 3,136 dead.

Europe (Total): 17,636 cases, 712 dead.

Italy: 10,149 cases, 631 dead.

Iran: 8,042 cases, 291 dead.

South Korea: 7,513 cases, 54 dead.

Spain: 1,622 cases, 35 dead.

France: 1,606 cases, 30 dead.

Germany: 1,139 cases, 2 dead.

United States of America:
804 cases,
28 dead, affecting over 34 states;

Washington (State): 270 cases, 24 dead.

California (State): 175 cases, 2 dead.

New York (State): 173 cases.

Florida (State): 15 cases, 2 dead.
(Above): Dr. James Lawler
(Below): Senior CDC Official, Nancy Messonnier