Part I.
Coronavirus Infections In America

* * *

Some Credible and Reliable:
Leaks And Disclosures About
Coronavirus In America

6.)  At a February 2020 presentation hosted
by the American Hospital Association (AHA),
Dr. James Lawler, a specialist in infectious
diseases and epidemiology
revealed that,

a.)  USA Hospitals are expecting and quietly
preparing for:

(i)  96 million Americans getting infected by
this outbreak,

(ii)  4.8 million Americans hospitalized,

(iii)  480,000 Coronavirus-related deaths in

b.)  Those having pre-existing heart
conditions have 1-in-10 chance of dying
from this disease.
7.)  A physician at New York Presbyterian
Hospital, Matt McCarthy
disclosed earlier
this month that

“Coronavirus has been circulating in the
United States for weeks
. We didn't detect
it because we weren't testing properly
. …

Howard Forman, a Yale professor and
, recently estimated: there are
closer to 100,000 infected people right
now in the United States
; and said those
especially vulnerable to Coronavirus
exposure are health care providers and

Last month, medical experts and
covid-19 researchers warned that

This coronavirus outbreak will not totally
disappear – but like seasonal flus (or
influenzas) that kill tens of thousands in the
U.S. alone each winter – it will temporarily
disappear, only to reappear later even
worse than before
(Above): Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington.
(Below): Nebraska woman infected by Coronavirus.
(photos from Daily Mail UK)