V)  If We Move One Step Towards Lord,

Lord Will Move Ten Steps Towards Us.

[  Note:  But We Must Prove Our Selfless And
Serving For God's Plan.  ]

* * *

LMW: One Clear and Obvious Proof That:
Those Selflessly Serving God and Lord
– Are Immune and Protected:

a.)  Recently, Selflessly Serving Pope Francis
Dared To Expose Himself To Masses Of
Catholic Devotees – Blessing, Kissing and
Touching Many (Including Virus Carriers);

And His Coronavirus Test Came Out Negative
–And Is Showing Signs That His Body Is
Fighting Off Infection

b.)  …While Tens Of Vatican Officials and
Staffs Were Similarly Exposed And Are Now
Under Quarantine – So Far With One
Confirmed Infected With Covid-19.

***4.)  And As We (Mankind) Have Reached
The Great Completion And Final Separation Of
Our Present Fifth Race Evolution Cycle—

a.)  So Planet Earth Must Cleanse And
Eliminate: Everything And Everyone Which Is
Unfit and Useless – In Order To Make Way For
New Higher ""World"" and ""Sixth Race

b.)  So Why Everything Now Is Under

""The Law Of Progressive Acceleration""
— To Meet The Divine Schedule !

c.)  So Most Probably, We Are Also Near

The Final Collapse Of The Global Financial
System And Gambling Stock Markets –
Will Be Much Worse Than The

 2008 Financial Crisis,

 1997 Asian Financial Crisis,

 1930s Great Depression!