Mankind’s Best And Final Opportunity To
Choose and Serve God

***1.)  Now Is Our Best And Final
Opportunity To Choose And Serve God
In Order To Save: Ourselves and Our
Loved Ones and Near Ones.

***2.)  As Lord Maitreya Affirmed:

I)  Those Who Selflessly, Totally &
Continuously Serving God — Lord and
Spiritual Hierarchy Will Taking Care Of
Their Loved Ones, And Even Near Ones.

II)  After Made [Own Most Sacred &
Solemn] Choice To Serve God—

***(i)  Must Follow Thru With Daily Action/s
Based On True Teachings

[  How? By Complying and Applying ""The
Eight Keys To The Highest Spirituality"".  ]

(ii)  Because Just Talking And Words Are
Not Enough.

III)  Those Who, Fearless Of Own Death,
Sacrifice For Others
° – Will Live Forever;

But Those Who Fear Death, And
Only Living For Their Own Benefit – Will Die.
IV)  Now During The Last Days, Those Who
Are Selflessly, Totally and Continuously:
Serving God's Plan – Lord Will Help Them
To Achieve ""Fiery Heart""
Three Years
*, As Grace…

(( So We Either Make It Now ));

( OR Lose It Forever ! )**

[   *:  (i)  Which Usually Needs At Least Seven
Years Of Continuous Striving And Serving.

(ii)  There Is No Other Way.  Even Those Who
Survive This Coronavirus Pandemic – Will Have
Worse To Come: Series Of Calamities, Catastrophes
and Deadly Disasters – Waiting For Them To
Overcome – For Four More Years

**:  Then Have To Wait At Minimum, One Million
Years – For Another Opportunity To Achieve: Eternal
Liberation, Immortality and Ultimately Perfection

:  Only After Chose and Serving The Highest God
One Is Affirm To Achieve Full Union With Lord /
Higher Self—In Turn, Attain ""Fiery Heart""—Which
Is Invulnerable To Deadly And Most Powerful Earthly:
Poisons, Microbes and Epidemic Viral Diseases.

After Achieved Fiery Heart:—(i) One Can Coordinate
It With The Fire Of Space And Another Two Fires;

(ii)  And Affirm To Achieve Eternal Liberation,
Immortality, Perfection and Ascension;

(iii)  So It Is Affirm Irrefutable and Undeniable,
When Achieved Fiery Heart—One Will Have Series
Of Permanent Spiritual Rewards On The Spiritual
Ascending Ladder.  ]
°  With discernment and co-measurement, always based on
first priorities: Who is most important for the All-Good?