(  Extra Notes On California State:
(I)  On May 16th, satellite imagery began
showing signs of unusual
atmospheric rivers
moving towards the west coast of USA.  

Weather experts predict that Northern
California and the Bay Area will receive the
heaviest rains; while parts of the Sierra
Nevada slopes will receive up to 30 inches
(or 76 cm) of snow.

(i)  So please be vigilant and fully prepared
for highly possible: severe floods and other
catastrophic disasters – during and after the
Wesak full moon

(ii)  Plus daily holding goal-fitting thoughts—
and sending compassion and gratitude to
God, Lord and humanity until May 23rd

II)  Unusual heavy rainfall does also have
benefits for California (
as follows):

 Cleans the air, the state, streets, homes &

 Helps solve our severe drought problem.

 Purifies the emotional and physical state
of Californians.

 Enable to complete the purification
process of USA nation’s """heart centre""" in
California (especially Los Angeles and San
Francisco)—lead to it evolving higher—and
finally: elevate, uplift and lead the remaining
states (those who survive final Earth
purgatory process).

(i)  Although California itself has less problems
related to negative, destructive and selfish citizens
as heart centre of the whole nation, California
receive, assimilate, absorb and contain all
the negative, destructive and selfish
mental & emotional)
forces & energies from all
the other states – and transform them into
positive and selfless energy
(ii)  It is highly probable that California will
eventually take over as (and function as) """the
future crown centre of USA""" —  (
if) New York state
spiritually fails to carry out her assigned tasks (
after New York disintegrates under natural process.

 As great disciple HPB mentioned, the east coast
of USA is in process of disintegration [meaning
finally, it will disappear]; and the west coast is in
process of reconstruction.

 And Master DK said, California will be one of the
first in the entire world – to open an advanced
spiritual school (around the time of Lord’s Day of

45.)  The Festival Of Goodwill In June—

The Full Moon Of June (Or The Will Of God,
through Expression Of Goodwill,
Brotherhood & Sisterhood, and Right Human
Relations) Will Be
On June 17th This Year.

To Inspire, Reveal and Enable:
Aspiring Mankind To…

)  Conform With God's Will (Or Plan);

b.)  Achieve Right Human Relationships!

(  Important Reminder:  

How Do We Realize True Brotherhood,
Sisterhood and Right Human Relations ?

By Daily: (i) Complying and Practicing:
Lord's True Teachings;
(ii) Selfless:
Sharing and Service.  )

46.)  And On July 2nd, 2019
We Will Have
A Total Solar Eclipse…

So Be Vigilant For Highly Possible:
Catastrophic, Calamitous and Devastating
Disasters In The Western Hemisphere—
Especially Nations In South America
California Beauty: San Francisco Bay sunset (middle);
Pacific Beach, San Diego sunset (bottom).
Note: during sunsets—Lord Maitreya sends his blessings to all:
goodwill peoples, spiritual students, seekers and disciples.
Satellite imagery of atmospheric river accumulation near USA west coast on May 16, 2019.
Beautiful San Francisco Bay Sunset.
Beautiful Pacific Beach, San Diego Sunset (2012).