28.)  The Major Religions Awaiting This
Great One's Reappearance—
Know Him As:

 The Fifth Buddha (or Maitreya Buddha)—
for Buddhists;

 Lord Christ—for Christians;

 Lord Krishna—for Hindus;

 The Twelfth Imam Mahdi—for Shia

 The Messiah (or Mashiach)—for Jews;

29.)  While Students Of
""The Ancient Wisdom Teachings"" —
Know Him As """Lord Maitreya"""

"""Lord Maitreya""" Is Also Known As:

The World Teacher (for Both Ages:
Pisces and Aquarius);

The Chief Agni Yogi (Teacher of the
best and highest Agni Yoga Teaching for
present Fifth Race and foreseeable Future

The Head Of The Spiritual Hierarchy
(or Heart Centre) of the Planet;

The Master Of All Ascended Masters
and Angels On Earth

The Archangel Gabriel;
31.)  Shia Muslims believe (and prophesize)

Now During The End Times

a.)  """Imam Mahdi Twelve""" Will Reappear
"""Jesus (
also known as Issa, or Īsā in Islam)"""—
In Damascus, Syria (OR) Khorasan (near the
border of northeastern Iran and Afghanistan).

b.)  Declare War Against Dajjal [aka the Anti-
Christ, or false messiah] and his forces.

c.)  Destroy Violence-Torn Jerusalem.

d.)  Behead Anti-Christ Dajjal
[probably a Zionist leader]

e.)  After Defeating The Enemy Anti-Christ and
his powerful armies from many nations—
He Will Bring True and Lasting: Justice And
Peace On Earth
Prophet Mohammed and Archangel Gabriel
(art by Nicholas Roerich).
Master Jesus and Lord Maitreya
(photo of Maitreya from Share International).

(i)  According to Islamic history and the original
Qur'an (Koran
)—the religion of Islam was
given by Allah (God), through the Archangel
Gabriel (aka Jibrīl)—
to the Prophet Mohammed.

LMW: Indeed, true original (without
distortion) Islam teachings were given by
Archangel Gabriel to Messenger / Prophet
Mohammed (a Senior Disciple of both the
Master Jesus and Lord Maitreya)

Lord Maitreya Is Also: The Agent Of
"""The Spirit Of Synthesis"""

The Prince Of Peace On Earth;

The Light Of The World (!);