Theme of initiation in biblical stories

4.)  Most original and true (not distorted)
biblical stories are both symbolically and
literally: connected to and related to
series of initiations
* (particularly the first
until the fourth initiation – for
spiritual seekers and disciples on Earth)…

For Example:

I)  The Birth of Jesus represents the
birth of the Christ Principle (or Christ
Consciousness) in the cave of one's heart
(the beginning of initiation into the
Kingdom of God).

II)  The river Baptism of Jesus
represents the second initiation.

To pass second initiation (become
third-degree initiate)—disciples must
undergo purification of their lower
emotional nature (especially)—thus,
probationary disciples must fully prepare
extensive test of Dweller on the
(decisive inner battle against
own selfish personality)—
mainly by:

i)  Self-forgetting, through
conscious, willing and continuous:
selfless service to God, Lord and

ii)  Disciplining, controlling and
correcting own negative, destructive
and selfish: thoughts, speech and
b.)  The previous civilization of Atlantis
was mainly destroyed by water (aka the
Great Floods)—corresponding to the
lower emotional focus of mankind then.

Now our present Aryan civilization and
mankind will be baptized (cleansed and
purified) by both
fire (selfish lower mental
) and water (selfish lower emotional

(III)  Moses dramatized the
Transfiguration initiation when he came
down from Mount Sinai with face shining
and full of light.

a.)  The 'burning bush' symbolically refers
to the inner vision of fire and light which
Moses saw (that is, solar fire from his
Higher Self or Lord) when he passed
second initiation (became Soul-infused
personality, aka third-degree initiate).

b.)  Likewise, after Gautama Buddha
overcame the temptations of Mara and
attained Enlightenment under the Bodhi
Tree—he dramatized for mankind the
passing of second initiation (achieved
Higher Manas, or opened the Gate to
Heaven) approximately 2,500 years ago.

IV-V)  And nearly 2,000 years ago in
Palestine—Jesus of Nazareth dramatized
for mankind the Crucifixion initiation (aka
the Great Renunciation in the East—
became fourth-degree initiate); while Lord
Christ (Who overshadowed and worked
through Jesus) dramatized the
Resurrection initiation (passed fourth
Artwork by Nicholas Roerich: Star of the Mother of the World (1924).
[  * : Initiation (Process) of eligible and qualifying mankind – from the
human kingdom (or fourth kingdom) into the Spiritual Kingdom (or Fifth
Kingdom; or simply the Kingdom of God).