Dire Consequences For Neutral And
Lukewarm: Nations and Peoples

***25.)  As Master DK Seriously Warned,

All Peoples And Nations Who
Committed: Indifference Or Inaction

also known as
'Sitting On The Fence',
or Self-Claimed Neutrality
* ;—

When War Breaks Out — These Nations
And Peoples Will Be The First Ones
Destroyed By
Evil Wicked Dark Ones !

26.)  And Holy Bible Said, We Cannot Serve
Two Masters At The Same Time…

So Finally, We Have Only Two Choices:

Either We Choose And Serve):
GOD, Lord and Spiritual Hierarchy (or
Great White [Light] Brotherhood)—

a.) “The Way of Selflessness, expressed
in a willingness to act always in the
interests of all, thus promoting world
understanding and world unity.”
b.)  LMW: Through Daily Expressing and
Practicing: Compassion — By Giving,
Helping, Sharing and Sacrificing For
God (or Good for All)

By Siding With And Supporting:
Compassionate, Righteous and Virtuous
Nations (
and) Nations Being Oppressed
and Suppressed By More Powerful
Aggressor Nations

And Steadfastly Resisting For
Truth And Justice

* * *

(OR we choose and serve):
Satan, the Black Lodge (or Dark
Brotherhood), dark masters and their
deceptive evil & wicked servants & agents–

a.)  “The way of selfishness and
aggression, expressed in an intense
, …

b.)  … fighting to acquire material power, the
glory of a nation and the subjugation of the

c.)  .. selfishness may show itself through
active aggression or
an active neutrality. **
*  More about this at end of chapter here.
**  Master DK, through Alice Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy