22.)  LMW: And When The World Situation Is
Too Far Gone (Beyond The Ability Of Men To
Solve)— And Sufficient Numbers Of Mankind
Cry Out For Divine Intervention—

a.)  It Will Evoke """The Second Coming Of
Christ (Or Imam Mahdi Twelve)""" Along
With His Mighty Forces Of Light (Including
Our Space Brothers);

b.)  And Finally Lead To The Destruction And
Elimination Of: All
Deceptive Evil And Wicked
Ones On Earth

23.)  As Lord Revealed, When All The Stock
Markets Are On Their Final Collapse – And
Worldwide Chaos Is Occurring – That Is
When He Will Step Forward And Officially
Reveal Himself (aka
The Day Of Declaration,
or The Reappearance Of The Christ)
Very Important Test And Trial For Mankind…

24.)  LMW: Remember At End Times Now
All Nations And Peoples Are Facing Series Of Tests
And Trials—Before The Great Completion Of Our
Fifth Race Evolution (Cycle)—
So It Is Essential For
Mankind To Correctly: Contemplate And Choose

I)  After Considering Thoroughly All The
Aforementioned: """Extraordinarily Rare
Selfless Sacrifices And Deeds Of The Iranian
Nation And People"""
Proven By Their
Consistent, Continuous and Persistent

Fighting Against:

(i)  Injustice, (ii)  Terrorists,
iii)  Many Deceptive Evil & Wicked Terrorist
Sponsoring Nations And Their Allies.


(i)  Their Soldiers Lives;

ii)  Their Populations Suffering
Unrelenting Economic Sanctions;

iii)  Their Nation's Money And Wealth;

iv)  Not Just For Themselves—But For Other
Oppressed, Suppressed and Weaker Nations (Like
Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Qatar and Yemen);