a.)  Since Its Founding In 1776, America
Invaded More Than 70 Nations;

Between 1950 to 2005 Alone – It Has
Contributed (Directly and Indirectly) To
The Unnecessary Deaths Of Nearly 1.3
Billion Human Lives
!!!  **

(  **  (I)  As Lord Mentioned, Anyone And
Everyone Who Murders Another–

Not Out Of Genuine Self-Protection From
Unavoidable Danger

But For Money, Power, Lies, Hatred or

II)  They Must Inevitably, Unavoidably and
Eventually: Proportionately and
Correspondingly Payback and Clear Their
Murderous Deed(s)—
Based On:

a.)  The Number (Of Victims) They Killed,

b.)  The Suffering Inflicted: On The Victim(s)
and Subsequently Their Loved Ones, Near
Ones and Family Members

III)  No Matter If The Murderer Is: An Emperor,
King, President Or Great Nation — None Can
Exempt or Escape The Great Law Of Karma

IV)  [  Also See: Karmic Bond Between
Victim and Offender
 ]   )
Recent Worldly Events Regarding Iran

14.)  Despite The Unfair, Unjust and
Unilateral: Withdrawal Of The US From
The JCPOA — Iran Is Still Patiently And
Calmly Abiding And Complying With The
Agreement's Terms — Proven By The
International Atomic Energy Agency
(IAEA) Continuously Verifying That Iran
Until Now, Has Not Violated This
International Legal Agreement Since

15.)  More Proof That Iran Is: Non-
Aggressive, Cooperative And Seeking
Peace With All Nations – Especially Arab

On May 26th, Iranian Foreign Minister,
Javad Zarif Offered All Countries In The
Persian Gulf Region Again – To Sign A
Non-Aggression Pact (or Agreement).

* * *

16.)  B
y Contrast
America Has A Historic And Persistent
Record Of: Invading, Destroying And
Devastating Other Weaker And Poorer:
Nations And Peoples…
(L)  Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Javad Zarif
(R)  Former United States Secretary of State, John Kerry

Two of the main architects of the 2015 Iran Peace Agreement.
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