(  (ii)  One of the Masters also revealed,
through Mr. Benjamin Creme…

Iran has an ancient and gifted
, () Its people are mature,
cultured and peaceful and have
given much of its gifts, in particular to
.  )

11.)  Throughout Their Several Thousand
Years Of Memorial History—Persia Never
Committed Terrorism—But Has
Persistently Resisted Against Injustice
Until This Day

If Persia Was Not As Peaceful In Ages
Long Past And Forgotten—We Are
Assured By World History For Centuries
Proving That: Persia Never Illegally And
Unlawfully: Invaded, Oppressed,
Suppressed Or Occupied Other Races
And Nations…
Persia According To: Ancient Wisdom
Teachings and World History

We Find From Esoteric Teachings
That Persians Are

a.)  Actually The Oldest* (If Not The 2nd
Oldest) Aryan Subrace – Of Our
Root Race
(or lower mental focused

b.)  One Of The Progenitors Of Our Fifth
Race Mankind.

c.)  A Highly: Cultured, Disciplined and
Evolved People.

(  *  Notes: (i) Esoterically, Persian
folklore goes as far back as 900,000
years ago.  More information at end of
here.  )