b.)  Then Restarted Imposing A
Continuous Series Of Economic
Sanctions — Causing Innocent
Decent, Law-Abiding and Peaceful)
People In Iran To Suffer Enormously
And Severely

Plus—Without Evidence And Proof
From Intelligence–

Are Accusing, Defaming and
Slandering Iran As:
“a terrorist nation”
“leading state sponsor of terror” !!!

And Now Trying To Attack And
Destroy Iran

* * *

But The Truth Is:
"""The Islamic Republic Of Iran""" IS
Actually """The Leading Nation Of
Resistance Against Terrorism

Especially In The Middle East"""
The Truth And Importance Of Persia

Dear Brothers And Sisters,

1.)  As Many People Already Know,
The Current US Administration:

Last Year In May, One-Sidedly
Cancelled and Pulled Out Of The
""Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
(JCPOA, or Iran Nuclear Deal)""

An International Peace Agreement
Between Iran and the P5+1 (China,
France, Germany, Russia, UK and USA
Which Was Unanimously Approved By
The United Nations Security Council *
And Then By
The European Union In
2015 —

In Blatant Disregard And Obvious
Violation Of International Law

Gathering of Iran Peace Agreement negotiators in 2015.
(photo from CBS News)
JCPOA (or Iran Nuclear Agreement) negotiators standing together in 2015.
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